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How to prioritize exercising as a working mom

Before becoming a mom, exercising might have been the next on your to do list after work. It could be easily squeezed in before heading to work or right after. Even though working out helps you feel strong and energetic and even helps...



Do I need to stop eating carbs to lose weight?

The popular idea that “carbs are bad” and that “carbs result in immense weight gain” has left many people questioning its role and importance in our diet. Some people have even avoided carbs overall rather than cutting down on the amou...



Burn calories at your desk

So many of us spend most of their day at a desk without even realizing it. With the increase of online meetings and conferences, the number of hours per day is just increasing. The good news is that there are plenty of ways that you can burn calories at your desk! Tr...



The Keto Diet is Still Going Strong

We all thought that this year we will be able to wholeheartedly say that the Ketogenic Diet is “so 2019”, but no it is still going and running on full force taking over our lifestyles, social media and conversations.


Restaurants in Amman are upgradi...