The Keto Diet is Still Going Strong

  • 10/01/2021

We all thought that this year we will be able to wholeheartedly say that the Ketogenic Diet is “so 2019”, but no it is still going and running on full force taking over our lifestyles, social media and conversations.


Restaurants in Amman are upgrading their menus making a specialized “keto menu” as we speak making room for this trendy diet that has taken us by surprise, and there is now more than just one family member doing it and preaching about it. So why is the Keto Diet still a thing?


Well for starters, a little bit of fatty food for thought - no pun intended, if we go back a hundred years ago, the Ketogenic Diet was invented after thorough scientific studies by neurologists to help prevent children from having epileptic seizures. Epilepsy is a condition where the neurons in the brain are extra in number, and it was thought that the state of ketosis could actually be a treatment for seizures. The human body’s main source of energy is from carbs and sugars, which can worsen an epileptic child’s electric tornado by increasing the neurons in their brain, and a diet that consists of mainly fat can still provide enough neurons for the brain to function normally, and can avoid seizures.


That being said, the significant popularity of the Keto Diet has nothing to do with epilepsy! The temptation that people find in the state of ketosis is not uncanny anymore; it's as simple as putting two and two together. I can eat fat to burn fat and hence lose a ton of weight? Sign me up!


Delicious and accessible keto recipes all over Pinterest, who wouldn’t? The reason why it’s becoming so great is thanks to what it stands for. I don’t have to only munch on carrots, why no I can eat a lot of cheese, butter and fried goodies that taste just like the real thing!


The increase in the Keto Diet’s popularity is fueling it even more, people are being more inventive with their mouthwatering recipes, it looks very appetizing on Instagram, you shed all the unneeded fat, and not to mention the restaurants offering all-Keto meal plans everywhere in the world now. We don’t know about you, but we strongly believe this diet is not going anywhere anytime soon!