How can pilates changes your body

  • 30/09/2020

Pilates is the perfect workout that is suitable for all levels and doesn’t require any degree of flexibility. With 2-3 pilates workouts a week, you will already be able to see its impact after 2-3 weeks. Pilates in Amman is becoming increasingly popular as well so you can easily join any pilates class!. It can change your body in more ways than you think;


Strengthens and tones your muscles without bulking them up


One of the many reasons why people love pilates is that it doesn't focus on building muscles but rather focuses on building toned muscles. 


Core strength


Pilates strengthens and tones your core and when we say core we don't only mean your abdomen, but we are also referring to deep muscles in your back and pelvic floor. Strengthening those muscles would improve the definition of your stomach muscles as well as improve posture as it would improve your spine alignment, shoulder position as well as pelvic position. 



The flexibility that you get from pilates is truly one like no other. Pilates works on expanding and lengthening muscles which results in increasing your range of motion as well. What you will also notice is that pilates focuses on movements while stretching which allows your muscles to stretch more with less pain. 


What more can you ask for? Your body will become stronger, leaner, more toned and your posture will improve as well. Pilates will change your body as a whole. 


Also, the good thing about pilates is that you don't have to dread having to get up and leave the house, you can simply start your workout at home with a yoga mat and a pilates ring both of which can be delivered to your doorstep through There are plenty of pilates ring core exercises that you can do from the comfort of your own home or even your own couch! Not just that, but using a pilates ring for inner thighs is amazing as well.