Why use push up handles

  • 31/10/2020

For starters, push ups work your full body, improve your posture, strengthen your muscles, we could go on and on as push up exercise benefits are countless. The effects of push ups on body are outstanding but it's all about the proper form! Push up handles or as some call them, push up bars or grips, help you with your form and have several other benefits as a result. Here are some push up handles benefits;


Train your muscles with minimal impact on your joints

Push ups tend to cause an extreme backward bend for the wrists as well as strain on certain parts of the body. With the use of push up bars, your wrists would be placed in a position that would prevent such bending. 


Extended range of movements

With the use of push up bars, you can take your workout a step further by lowering your upper body more than what you would be able to without the handles. Try it out, but remember that you won't be able to do the same number of push ups due to the increased intensity. 


Corrects any form mistakes

There are many form mistakes that tend to take place such as having your head too high up, only doing the push up halfway, counting push up reps too fast or not engaging  your core. All these mistakes lead to not fully benefiting from your push ups. Using push up handles 


With push up handles not only are you getting the benefits that push ups have to offer such as a full body workout, increased core strength due to core engagement, strengthening a variety of muscles, but you are also ensuring that you are doing push ups correctly with minimal impact on your joints and an extended range of movements. Push up handles come in different shapes,some for example have locks to, all of which are available on and can be delivered right to your doorstep.