Covid Home Workout Challenge

  • 31/10/2020

Effective Lower Body Home workout


This year has truly shown us that we can do so many things from the comfort of our own home. Home workouts have become the new way to workout in 2020. Since Jordan has been imposing a full 48 hour weekend quarantine, we wanna help you stay active with a lower body workout that you can do in your living room or even on your couch. Let's start this covid home workout challenge!

Warm up with a jump rope

The best way to get moving is with a few minutes of jump rope, not only is it a great warm up but it's also fun. It's the best warm up exercise with music!

Stationary lunges

Lunges are a fundamental part of your lower body workout as they focus on different muscles. What you need to do is to stand up with your feet hip distance apart then take a large step backward with your right foot. After that, lower your body until your left leg has formed a 90 degree angle and bend your right knee as well. Then straighten your legs and repeat. 


Fire hydrant

It’s one of the best shaping exercises that can be done anywhere with different intensities that you can adjust to. All you need to do is get on all fours while keeping your spine straight, your wrists under your shoulders and contract your core. Lift your right leg to the side while keeping it at a 90 degree angle and stop at hip height. Do so for your left leg as well. To increase its intensity and truly benefit from the exercise, add a resistance band around your thighs. Fire hydrant exercise benefits are many including that it includes all the possible glute exercise movements. 

Glute bridge

You can never go wrong with a glute bridge! For anyone who hasn’t tried it before, make sure you do! You basically lay on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the ground. Keep your arms at your side then lift your hips up until your knees, hips and shoulders form a straight line. You can do it from your couch but make sure you squeeze your glutes and keep your abs drawn in. It seems so simple yet its results are amazing. If you want to increase its intensity even more, you can place a pilates ring between your thighs but make sure that you squeeze it in order to get the best results.


Wall sit 

No better way to finish your lower body workout than with a wall sit. All you need is your resistance band and a wall. You simply lean against the wall with your feet shoulder width apart then put your feet forward and go down until you reach a sitting position. You can hold here for 30-60 seconds depending on your fitness level.


This entire workout can be done from anywhere around the house and yet it's very effective and will truly work your muscles! You can do each exercise 12 repetitions for 3 or 4 rounds depending on your fitness level. Enjoy your workout and don't forget that you can get all the items you need to perfect this workout from the “Effective home workout” package on