Things you need to do to prevent breast cancer

  • 31/10/2020

There are many ways to reduce risk of breast cancer naturally that include some small changes to our everyday lives in order to be more physically active, maintain your weight and eat well. 


Be physically active 

Being physically active can be anything from rigorous workouts to afternoon walks. The more the exercise the better as it would strengthen your immunity. There are many breast cancer exercise recommendations such as aerobic exercises, flexibility exercises and resistance exercises. You can build strength with resistance bands as well as build strength with light weights, all of which you can do from the comfort of your home using different kinds of resistance bands that can be found in store.


Try out yoga

Many ask how to prevent cancer by yoga and the answer is quite simple. Yoga focuses on the mind, body and soul hence it increases your strength, flexibility as well as mental well-being which all contribute to reducing the risk of breast cancer.


Maintain your weight

The more you exercise and work on maintaining your weight, the better the good to bad estrogens ratio is. Thus there would be less fat in your body. Let's take a step backward, estrogen can stimulate cell overgrowth which would result in breast cancer. Before menopause, most of your estrogen is produced by your ovaries. However, after menopause, your ovaries stop pumping out the hormone and most of it would become fat tissue. 


Eat well 

Although there isn’t a specific food that you should eat in order to prevent breast cancer, the key is consuming a variety of nutritious foods. While doing that, you should also balance your calorie intake with your physical activity. Implementing these changes all at once might be difficult so start small one step at a time.