Crash Diets; Yes or No?

  • 24/08/2021

The first two things that you hear about crash diets is that you lose weight fast yet it's not long lasting. It comes from its name “crash diet”, it's basically a diet that takes drastic measures to lose weight within a short period of time. It works on reducing your daily calorie intake drastically to reach between 800-1,200 calories per day with the diet consisting of soups, shakes and bars. 


There are lots of reasons why people go for crash diets; one of which is that it helps in weight loss in a very short period, to the point where you can lose several kilograms in just one week.


It’s affordable as it does not require a lot of food, unlike other diets that might require certain kinds of products.


Made for short periods of time such as one to two weeks so the results are fast and there isn’t a need to follow it for a long period of time unlike other diets.


On the other hand, since there is very limited food, a feeling of hunger or even starvation might arise. Not just that, but your body wouldn't get the sufficient amount of energy needed which would result in feeling weak and sleepy. 


Although crash diets result in tremendous weight loss, after the diet there is a tendency to gain weight as you would resort to junk food. 


Furthermore, crash diets aren’t easily implemented in social settings which also contributes to them being difficult to maintain.


So what do you say; yes or no for crash diets? For us, it truly depends on you, your body and your goals!