Why hiking is good for you

  • 06/07/2021

Hiking is not just a physical activity but a mindful activity as well. With the changes that lockdown has made on our lifestyle, hiking has become more popular than ever before. Whether it's through a forest or in the mountains, hiking has many benefits;


Keep calm and happy

Generally speaking, exercise can make you happier and more calm. But hiking combines exercise with nature which calms the mind and recovers you from any mental fatigue. 


Keeps your mind sharp

The difference between hiking and other forms of exercise is that hiking involves trails. This means that you would need to navigate between the trails. Additionally, you might face certain challenges throughout your hike such as slippery dirt, branches and so on. All of which you would need to navigate through. Moreover, it awakens all our senses which keeps you more focused and mindful


Increases your creativity

Hiking in nature allows your mind to wander more freely in its thoughts, as it takes away the everyday noise. 


Workout without much pressure on your joints

Unlike walking on any other surface, hiking in nature is much softer and thus doesn’t place that much pressure on your joints. What can also help you while hiking is using a trekking pole which would protect the knees as well as increase your speed. You can find it in our Fit Store. 


All in all, hiking has countless benefits on both our physical health as well as our mental well-being. Check out all of our new Camping & Hiking items in our Fit Store.