5 reasons why the number on the scale doesn't matter

  • 09/06/2021

So many people connect their happiness with their bodies with the number on the scale and build their goals only based on that number. But the truth is, the number on the scale doesn't really matter, and here's why:


Your weight fluctuates each day

If you weigh yourself daily, you will notice that the number on the scale fluctuates day by day. This can be due to a number of reasons such as water retention, hormones and excessive salt intake. To avoid these fluctuations try to minimize your salt intake and drink lots of water. To motivate yourself to drink more water, try out our dumbbell water bottle from our Fit Store. 


Your body composition is changing

It's important to know and remember the impact that the amount of fat and muscle in your body has on your weight. If your workouts are focusing on building muscle with one of the packages from our Fit Store, then your body composition would probably change. Fat weighs much more than muscle, so your weight can remain the same on the scale but you can have much less fat and more muscle, which would leave you with a more fit physique. 


Timing is everything

The scale weighs everything from your tissues to every glass of water you had and food you ate. Therefore you should try to weigh yourself in the morning and to be consistent in terms of timing when you weigh yourself again. 


Delayed results

Sometimes it takes a while before your efforts show on a scale, in some cases it takes weeks. But that doesn't mean that you aren’t seeing the results in how you feel in your clothes. So you might be getting slimmer or increasing your muscles but the scale might not show it immediately. 


Your weight doesn’t fully reflect your health

Someone can have a healthy weight but lead an unhealthy lifestyle. This would deprive their body of the needed nutrients. 


The number on the scale doesn't matter much, there are plenty of other factors to consider before letting that number determine your happiness.