Happiness hormones: How fitness makes you happy

  • 27/05/2021

Right after you complete a workout, you feel complete satisfaction and in some cases even, anticipation for the next workout. You would experience a rush of “happiness” hormones which include endorphins, dopamine and serotonin. All of these hormones leave you feeling refreshed and relieve you of any stress you were under. Each one of us experiences at least one of the hormones. 


With a somewhat low intensity workout such as a twenty minute jog, dopamine can be released by the brain. This results in you being more focused and alert which can make your workout more enjoyable both during it and after. Dopamine also contributes to the motivation you get during your workout when both your body and mind are exhausted. It makes you feel good while exercising and keeps you motivated for the next one as well. 


On the other hand, endorphins are released by your body when it's under stress or physical pain. It can simply be pain from a certain workout. It can help push you further in lengthy workouts such as long distance runs for example where you reach a point where you don't feel as tired and you find yourself enjoying the workout as well. 


Another way that fitness and workouts make us happier is through the serotonin hormone which sends certain messages throughout your body such as “You’re doing great, keep going!”. 


All of these different hormones truly prove to us that workouts, especially consistent ones can make us feel better, more motivated and overall happier in different ways. You can try out different kinds of workouts and get a package that suits you from our Packages in our Fit Store.