How to increase your body’s flexibility?

  • 19/05/2021

Increasing your body’s flexibility requires you to work on different aspects of your lifestyle from working out to your day-to-day activities. Flexibility reduces the risk of injury and helps showing your muscular physique. There are several ways that can increase your body’s flexibility, including:


Hold stretches for long enough

Stretching is crucial for your muscles but if you don't do it for long enough then it isn’t that helpful. Most people tend to stretch in each position for five to ten seconds which isn’t sufficient. The recommended duration for each stretching position is around 30 seconds. 


Practice often

The most important thing to know about flexibility is that it takes time and effort to achieve results. The more repeated stretches you do during your day, the more flexible you will be with time. You can incorporate certain stretches in your day-to-day activities such as bending down to put on your socks. 


Warm baths

A warm bath would cause your muscles to relax more which can potentially help you get more out of your stretches and thus increase your flexibility. 


Prioritize full range of motion

Little tweaks in your exercises can allow you to work at full ranges of motion which lead to an increase in flexibility. For example you can go full-depth on squats to build hip flexibility. 


Incorporate massages

Stretching can help with full ranges of motion but a massage can help break up tissues that might restrict movement. You can try this out by adding a foam roller from our Fit Store to your pre-workout.