Tone your abs in 10 minutes

  • 12/05/2021

You know that feeling when you have a pool day the next day and you want your abs to be a bit more toned? A bit tighter? And look a bit slimmer? We’ve got a 10 minute workout that can tighten and tone your abs and have you ready for the day!


The workout is a total of 10 exercises each done for one minute. You should start out with burpees. You start out standing, then you drop down and touch the floor with your hands right next to your feet then jump your feet behind you and then jump your feet back. If you want to increase its intensity, you can jump up after that. 


Sit-ups; where you lay on your back with your knees bent  and place your hands behind your head. Then you use your abs to pull your upper body off the floor and into a situp position then repeat. 


Mountain climbers; it starts out in a high push up position, then you bring one knee into your chest and then alternate between your legs. 


V sit-ups; begin on the floor with your arms and legs straight on the floor, after-which you bring your arms forward towards your toes whilst having your legs straight at a forty-five degree angle to form a V. You would hold for a few seconds and repeat. 


Plank; you would get into a pushup position and rest your elbows and forearms on the floor whilst forming a straight line from your head to the toe. 


High knees; stand up straight, bring one knee up to the level of your hip then jump and switch to the other leg.


Flutter kicks; lie on your back and press your lower back to the ground, then lift your feet around 10cm off the ground. Whilst keeping your legs straight, raise one leg higher than the other and switch. 


Squat jumps; stand with your feet shoulder width apart then do a regular squat after which you jump explosively. 


Russian twist; place your feet on the floor or extend them as straight as you can. Then twist your upper body to the right then the left whilst keeping your arms parallel to the floor. 


Side plank; lay down on one side and lift your elbow and foot to create a straight line through your body and hold. 


Make sure to squeeze your abs in each exercise for optimum results. You can increase the intensity of the workout through adding a metal plate from our Fit Store, and holding it while doing sit ups, v sit-ups or even flutter kicks.