How to get back on track after Ramadan

  • 04/05/2021

The three most crucial aspects of your daily routine that are affected by Ramadan are hydration, sleep and your diet. During Ramadan, we have created a new routine for our bodies that it has gotten used to. To shift directly to your pre-Ramadan routine would shock your body and would be extremely difficult.


With regards to hydration, it can ease your way towards longer working hours and the changes in eating patterns. You should try your best to aim for 2-3 liters per day. Getting back to the gym or entering a more active lifestyle without hydration can lead to muscle aches. If you have trouble motivating yourself to drink a lot of water, one way to go about it is by filling up a dumbbell water bottle and having it next to you at all times so that you finish it in a certain period of time. You can find it in our Fit Store!


Sleeping patterns as well as the duration of your sleep is greatly affected during Ramadan. Whether you are waking up for Suhoor then going back to sleep, or staying awake till after Suhoor, your sleeping pattern has changed. Sleep can greatly impact your metabolism and overall health. Thus we need to smoothly transition back into 6-8 hours of quality undistributed sleep. You can start out with small steps such as pushing back your sleep by one hour earlier till you reach a suitable time. Additionally avoiding any caffeinated drinks 4 hours prior to sleeping would also help in getting back to your sleeping patterns. 


Ramadan changes up our whole diet in terms of the number of meals and the type of meals as well. We mostly eat big meals during Ramadan. To help us ease back into our normal routine and increase our metabolism as well, the best approach would be to increase your snacks which can be nuts or even some healthy snacks from our Fit Store. 


Focus on these three aspects of your routine and you will be back on track in no time!