One of the health secrets of Ramadan is a healthy Suhoor

  • 27/04/2021

Staying healthy in Ramadan is definitely a challenge as your body may get tired, hungry and dehydrated and thus push you to resort to unhealthy choices. One of the crucial meals that is sometimes overlooked in Ramadan is Suhoor as it provides your body with energy to help you in fasting the next day. It would also stock up your body with minerals to try to keep you active till you break your fast. 


It's not just that Suhoor is important, but also the food that you have for Suhoor. If you have a heavy meal at Suhoor it can lead to nausea and bloating which can lead to your day being uncomfortable. 


To be able to benefit from Suhoor and to leave yourself energized for the next day, there are some foods that you should have. A healthy Suhoor should include the below:


1. Slow digesting carbohydrates such as sweet potato and brown rice. These carbohydrates would result in a steady rise in glucose levels and keep your mind alert during your fast. 


2. Protein such as cheese, grilled white meat and eggs that can be found in our Fresh Market. It would keep our metabolic rate high and ensure that muscle mass isn’t lost.


3. Unsaturated fat can help you feel full, this includes nuts, seeds, avocado, fatty fish as well as unsaturated vegetable oils. 


4. Water; you should aim for 2-3 liters of water after you break your fast as it would keep your electrolytes balanced and energy levels high. Furthermore, to motivate you to drink water even more, you can drink water out of our Dumbbell Water Bottle found in our Fit Store, or you can add some lemon and mix it in our Detox Water Bottle. 


Placing all of these elements together in a Suhoor, would keep you hydrated, energized and healthy for the day coming!