Create your own home gym for less than 50 JOD

  • 31/12/2020

A home gym doesn't need to be huge, in fact it doesnt need to have lots of machines and home gym equipment in order for you to have a great workout. With gyms closing in Amman, a home gym feels just right. We’re going to share with you some items and tips that will make working out at home that much better!


For starters, we recommend that you allocate a certain space at home that's dedicated for working out. This wont only help you set up your items, but it would also help you get in the workout/gym mindset which would help motivate you!


A yoga mat is crucial to your workout routine as it would be the backbone behind most of your ab workouts. You don't need to have it rolled open all the time, you can roll it up and store it up until your next workout to minimize the space taken. 


A dumbbell set is necessary! You can incorporate dumbbells into any workout for different muscles. You can use them for squats, lunges, bicep curls, tricep overhead, shoulder exercises and even ab exercises such as russian twists. You can even play around with them by using one dumbbell in some exercises and in others using both pieces. 


To change up your workout even more, the best resistance bands to have in your home gym are a resistance band set. You can use them for your legs workout for squats, glute bridges, fire hydrants or even donkey kicks. Not just that but there are plenty of creative ways to incorporate them in your upper body workouts such as for lat pull downs. Don't forget to keep taking it up a level by increasing the resistance. 


That’s not it, for your home gym to be complete, a 150cm straight bar is just what it needs. Whether it's deadlifts, shoulder press or lunges, the possibilities are countless.


Not only would your home gym provide you with the items you need to do any workout but they won't take up much space if you don't want them to and they can all be bought together for under 50 JODs through! Come on, let's get started! There's no excuses!